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Together we can.

Together we can.

Together we can.Together we can.

Care Farming


Care farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices for the purpose of providing a natural and positive teaching environment for the development of social skills, life skills, job skills. Care Farms provide supervised programs of farm related activities that include animal husbandry and cultivating plants.

The benefits of caring for animals can go beyond the human-animal bond by providing opportunities for meaningful occupations, mastery of tasks, leisure, relaxation and social growth.

Cultivating Hope Farms is an inclusive care farm. We welcome all individuals regardless of diagnosis. 


Our Programs

Animal Care


Learn to care for animals while strengthening life skills. 



Learn job skills through agriculture from planting seeds through selling produce at market.



Have fun in our family centered inclusive and accepting environment!

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and support the health and well-being of persons with different abilities through care farming practices. We will cultivate growth through the planting of knowledge and skills that are transferrable to everyday life through the incorporation of animals, agriculture, and recreation. Our familycentered program will provide a unique learning environment for participants to work on their individual goals and guide them towards a successful future.

Our vision is planting seeds, growing skills, and transforming lives.

Planting  ---> seeds of knowledge

Growing  ---> skills by learning and working with animals and agriculture

Transforming ---> participants by helping them attain their goals to guide them towards a successful future

Cultivating Hope Farms is an inclusive, family centered, supportive environment using farm care practices to help our participants learn valuable life and job skills. We value kindness and acceptance above all and encourage fun during work and play.  

All programing is developed by a certified teacher, occupational therapist, and board certified behavior analyst.  

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Our Board Members

Kyle Cervone Dahl, BCBA, LBA


Kyle is the Owner and Clinical Director of Developmental Wellness and has more than 10 years experience in the ABA field. During this time she has grown her passion for teaching children functional skills and training parents effective-at-home techniques using practical strategies. The decade prior to becoming a BCBA, Kyle worked as a Medical Publications Manager and Principal Medical Writer focusing on behavioral disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, autism and ADHD. Her work

has been presented at international conferences and published in peer-reviewed

journals.Kyle received her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Pennsylvania State University; her Master’s in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Connecticut; and her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She is an Executive Board Member of the Iowa Association of Behavior Analysis. Kyle’s love of working with children extends into her home as a mom of a child with autism.


Molly Wuebker, OTR/L, OTD, BS

Vice President

Molly is an Assistant Professor and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for Drake University's Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program in Des Moines, IA. Molly has a background and expertise in pediatrics, non-profit business, adaptive sports and recreation, assistive technology, and driver rehabilitation. Molly grew up in a multi-generation farm family in Iowa and currently lives on a small-scale farm, consisting of aronia berries and goats.


BraD Perkins, BS, MS


Brad has been a Teaching Professor at Iowa State University for 14 years in Construction Engineering Program. He is also a Licensed Professional Engineer and sole proprietor of his own engineering business. He lives with his wife of 23 years, 5 children, and multiple farmyard critters on their rural Boone County acreage.


Brooke M. Brewer, BS


Brooke has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kennedy Western

University with an emphasis in Human Resources. She also has a diploma in children’s literature from the Institute of Children’s Literature. Brooke worked for Iowa State University Extension for 10 years as office manager and human resource development coordinator. During that period she developed and implemented standards and procedures for ISUE office assistants in the central Iowa region, trained employees, organized events, and worked with staff on PSAs and grants. Additionally, Brooke has consulted with and developed human resource policies and procedures for her husband’s company, Brewer

Engineering Consultants. She also enjoys homeschooling her children; one through

graduation, the second currently in ninth grade.


Gina Perkins, BS

Board Member

Gina has a bachelor's degree in math and is a certified secondary education teacher.  She is a dedicated mom to 5 wonderful children and many grateful rescue animals.  She is the owner of Raspberry Hill Bed and Breakfast and the heart and soul of Cultivating Hope Farms. 


Samantha Moorman, CNA

Student Member

Sammie is a nursing student at DMACC working towards an RN degree.  She is a Certified Nurse Assistant and is also working on becoming a Registered Behavior Technician.  Her younger sister and cousin are both differently abled and inspire Sammie to pursue works of service.