Before discovering Cultivating Hope Farms, we struggled finding the right type of therapy for our son.  When we first looked into CHF our original plan was temporary, just for the summer.  After spending a little time at the farm, I quickly realized it wasn’t just for my son.  It was for me too.  Having that extra support from other families (or animals) is life changing.  Cultivating Hope Farms really has created the most nurturing community with their farm and they make you feel like a part of the family.

Just getting our son outdoors and used to the farm took time, routine, and lots of snuggles with the cats and kittens.  Then he held a baby piglet and something in him seemed to change.  He is now thriving on the farm and doing things that we could never have imagined him doing.  We see him doing chores, jumping bales of hay, getting in the pig pen and hand feeding Sally the sow.  Most importantly he’s making friends.  He says he feels all warm inside when he’s on the farm.  As his mother watching him, I feel all warm inside too.

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